Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga sessions

New Moon & Full Moon Yoga

Restorative Moon Yoga sessions are held at 7pm throughout the year on the New Moon and Full Moon. Currently held on Zoom.

If you would like to join but have no experience of Restorative Yoga, please contact Carole to book a private yoga session and begin your restorative yoga journey. Once you know what is required and have a general idea of the flow of the class, you will be more than welcome to join our wonderful group on Zoom.

Please contact Carole for the dates for this year ›

Restorative yoga is totally yummy and is a wonderful tool to have in your “self-care” kit. It is a joy to teach clients this wonderful practice using yoga props (or items that you have already at home) to enable you to glide into a blissfully relaxed state of “Being”.

It is an “undoing” of learned patterns of holding, gripping, blocking and tensing. With practice, you begin to notice these patterns and consciously allow them to soften and release.

"Carole creates a safe & friendly environment, giving hints and tips to all, to ensure that you stay injury free & get the maximum benefit from these Restorative Yoga poses. I always feel relaxed & chilled out at the end..."

Kerrys K. / Restorative Yoga

During the last couple of years, many of us have been living in “survival” mode with no let up for our overactivated nervous systems. Restorative yoga promotes a deep relaxation which in turn encourages the nervous system to switch from a state of “fight or flight” into a state of “tend and befriend”, bringing about balance, an increased sense of wellness and vitality and a stronger immune function.

The practice encourages a deep and friendly relationship with the ever-present breath. A relationship that lasts a lifetime if only we pay attention and befriend it. Connecting with the breath and the body brings you immediately into the present moment, releasing the mind from its constant ruminations and imaginings.

Last, but not least, restorative yoga creates the conditions for a restful and nourishing night’s sleep.

What’s not to love? This practice is essential for living in the 21st Century. Come and give it a try. It won’t take long to experience the many essential benefits.

Restorative Yoga is an undoing of learned patterns of holding, gripping, blocking & tensing…